“I am delighted that BGEA have produced the My Hope films and resources. They share the Gospel message in a wonderfully compelling way and all engaging with them will be impacted. I cannot commend these strongly enough to every Christian and Church in the UK. Get them, use them and pray that the Lord does something wonderful through them in your community.”
–Gavin Calver
Director of Mission at the Evangelical Alliance


“Few Christians have had a greater impact on the last century than has Dr Billy Graham. This message of Hope, brought towards the close of his long and rich ministry, should be heard by everybody.”
–Rev. John Glass
General Superintendent of Elim Pentecostal Churches and Chair of the UK’s Evangelical Alliance Council


Since My Hope with Billy Graham began in the UK a couple of years ago, it has been a huge privilege for the National Day of Prayer and Worship to be able to stand in partnership to mobilise and encourage churches across the British Isles to take up the offer of any of the free DVD’s, which contain timely messages that our nation so desperately needs to hear.

Dr Billy Graham’s heart for these Isles has been to see a spiritual awakening for over 60 years. I believe God is calling his Church to rise up in confidence afresh and we need to pray for that awakening to happen today.

Through the cross, we see God’s eternal and faithful love for humanity demonstrated and we need to give thanks to God for what He did for us. Through that dying and rising, we see God’s second chance in action through the lives of individuals.

I commend these films to not just be distributed to churches, but also watched as we prepare to see the harvest increased. I pray that as the films are shown, we will be expectant again of seeing a whole range of people come to faith and re-commitments from those looking for a fresh touch of God on their lives.

Prayer is and must remain at the heart of what the Church needs to do to see a coming revival through the proclamation of the Gospel. As we look for who we can invite to see these films, let us pray for those in our friends and family networks to come to faith in the living God we worship.

I invite you to pray with me for this next significant move of God, encouraged and equipped by the work of the My Hope UK programme.

Let’s see God’s Kingdom come and lives transformed!

–Dr Jonathan Oloyede
Convenor of the National Day of Prayer and Worship


“Often the Church has been known for being old or irrelevant, but My Hope with Billy Graham is so excellently produced that it is not only accessible for all people, but also powerful in its undiluted communication of the greatest story, that of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hearing the Gospel so clearly communicated and the stories of transformation captured everyone’s heart and passion to see their friends come to know Jesus this year. What better way than for Billy Graham himself to inspire the church to have a renewed passion and urgency for the Gospel being preached?”
–Glyn Barrett
Pastor of !Audacious Church in Manchester, UK


“Looking back, churches of many different traditions have worked together to share the Gospel message in England with the help of Billy Graham initiatives. Looking forward, the My Hope initiative and The Cross DVD has the potential to do that again, both in small groups and large networks, as we pray for people to hear about Jesus and consider the cross afresh.”
–Jim Currin (Church Army)
Evangelisation, Mission and Media, Churches Together in England

Video: John Kirkby–CAP