Super Bowl Hero, Illusionist, Rock Star: From Desperation to Hope

We all have a “defining moment”—a moment when it becomes clear that we can’t save ourselves. A moment when we finally understand that we need a Savior.

This month, we are excited to debut a brand new TV program called “Defining Moments,” and we want you to be among the first to see it. The program features the stories of three individuals—illusionist Jim Munroe, NFL player David Tyree and musical artist Lacey Sturm—who found success in their careers, yet were still searching for hope.

As we’ve been out on the road holding My Hope meetings across the country, we are often asked, “What will My Hope America’s November program be like exactly, and when can I see it?”

“Defining Moments” is the first program in a new documentary film style series designed to clearly present the Gospel. It provides a glimpse of the kind of program and message Billy Graham is already preparing for the November outreach, one that shares the Gospel, while connecting with the hurts and habits of today’s Americans. Further episodes are under production and will be finished in the coming months, culminating with a new program in November.

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