The Worth of a Soul

Three souls hang in the balance in the fight of their lives.

Run Time: 34:57

Second Chance

Watch Second Chance, the powerful new Gospel presentation from Billy Graham. The short film includes moving life stories of success and second chances from Rend Collective lead vocals Chris Llewellyn, Ebola doctor Nathalie MacDermott and pro-skateboarder Brian Sumner brought up in Liverpool.

Run Time: 23:38

The Cross

Billy Graham brings a timeless message of hope and redemption in Jesus Christ once more. “With all my heart, I want to leave you with the truth that He loves you and wants to forgive you of your sins.

Run Time: 28:51

Bonus Film

Defining Moments

See how "Defining Moments" changed the lives of illusionist Jim Munroe, NFL player David Tyree and singer Lacey Sturm.

Run Time: 30:05

Bonus Film

Lose to Gain

They had everything they wanted but it still wasn’t enough. Watch a comedian, an English pro skateboarder, and a young professional learn the difference between what they wanted and what they truly needed.

Run Time: 23:31

Bonus Film

Hope Across the UK

Believers across the UK sharing Christ through the My Hope project.

Run Time: