Facing Our Toughest Challenges

On Presidents’ Day, we take this opportunity to pray for our great nation and those in leadership. We also pray for the challenges that lie ahead.

In this excerpt, taken from Billy Graham’s address at the inaugural prayer breakfast for President Reagan on March 15, 1985, he speaks of the one thing we must do in the face of these challenges: we must first allow God to perform a life-altering miracle in us.

“Today, we face new challenges that previous generations could never have dreamed of. Some are unparalleled opportunities. Some of these challenges, however, are unparalleled dangers which threaten the continued existence of civilization on this planet. The greatest threat however lies deep within our own hearts that are infected with the possibility of greed, hate and lust. The fact that our media carries daily stories of wars and terrorism and crime and social injustice testifies that something is wrong with human nature. This is why we have religions all over the world. They are trying to do something about the void in their own lives, and the need to atone for their sins and failures, and the need to seek guidance and wisdom from their god or gods.

“Christianity teaches that this is why Jesus Christ came on that first Christmas night, to bring peace between God and man and between man and man. Unfortunately man rejected His offer of peace and we’ve been suffering ever since.

“And that is the reason He emphatically taught that human nature has to be changed by being born into God’s family. We were born the first time into the human family with the moral disease called sin. We can be born into God’s family with sin forgiven and victory over sin. But God himself has to change us if we are willing to allow Him to do it.

“It is possible for us to live in peace with ourselves, our families, in our communities and between nations…However stated [the Golden Rule] means that I will love my neighbor as I love myself. But in my natural state I cannot do that. God must – through the resurrection events – perform a miracle in my life and give me the power to change my life.”

This Easter, you have the opportunity to share the miracle God has performed in your life with someone else. During the Easter holiday, hearts can be opened to hearing the Gospel, and we want to help you share it. Share “The Cross” with family and friends this Easter.