Giveaway – A Bundle of Love

February – just mentioning the month brings to mind hearts, Valentines, and of course – love. As we prepare together for My Hope with Billy Graham, we focus on sharing God’s perfect love. It offers the HOPE of changed hearts, homes, communities and even countries.

“…and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” (Romans 5:5, NASB)

To show a very small example of our love to you, we want to give you a gift! One winner will receive this bundle of love which includes:

  1. T-shirt. It’s hip. It’s vintage. It’s John 3:16.
  2. Wall art. Decorate your home with a daily reminder about Biblical love.
  3. Devotional. Refuel with glimpses of perfect love in Letters from Ruth’s Attic: 31 Daily Insights for Knowing God’s Love by Ruth Bell Graham
  4. Sharing Tool. Be equipped for sharing with others through My Hope with Billy Graham, just like Matthew did in the Bible.

How to win: Simply comment below by answering this question.

Briefly describe the #1 thing someone has done for you, big or small, that you knew was Jesus using them to show you  just how much He loves you.

The next post will be a dynamic compilation of your answers that gives practical ideas for how to put Love into action. The winner will be announced on February 27. What are you waiting for? Now is the time!


Notes on the giveaway

  • Please remember, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association monitors all entries and reserves the right to reject entries deemed as inappropriate for the My Hope with Billy Graham reading audience.
  • We’re sorry, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.
  • Wendy McGrath Stewart

    My son (3 years old at the time) helped me get through the loss of our second pregnancy by telling me I had to be patient and wait on the Lord, God would make my heart happy again. It took a three year old to help me remember that even at our lowest times and in the worst times of despair God is still on the throne and in control. Sometimes it just takes kind, gentle words to make the most difference and brighten someones day.

  • David Thomas

    Two homeless men came by my work to check on me in the weeks after I had lost my wife of 23 years to a heart attack.

  • Jewel Mazza

    A friend of mine furnished an RV for me and my roommate to live in after a Hurricane/Flood, destroyed our home and we had no place to go. There were also many friends that stopped by to help us sort through all the damage to see if anything could be salvaged. The Lord answered these prayers almost before I prayed for them. Our God is so Awesome!!

  • Paul Lomov

    When i had Severe stomach flu i felt hopeless and anxious. My mother took care of me and really showed me what love was. That incident reminded me of how great and powerful God is. Like it says in the Bible “ask and it will be given unto you” i asked God to help me, and He answered my prayer through my mother. It reminded me to always trust in Jesus and know that he is always with me. Jesus loves me unconditionally and i’m thankful for the great love of Christ toward me.

  • Jeremy Tramell

    Before I was walking with the Lord, the Holy Spirit put at least three people in my path and they all liked to ask me how my walk was… It became so frequent that I finally decided to start walking.

  • Natasha Brown

    I was in college and I had a passion to go on my very first missions trip. I had prayed for God’s guidance and I felt this was the correct thing to do. Well, I didn’t have much money, and mind you it cost a couple thousands dollars. I remember praying to God, “please help me remember that money is nothing to you and if you are guiding me to do this you WILL provide”.
    Well, months went by and I was close to going on my trip. I was still short about a thousand dollars. I prayed and told God, if I do not get this money before I leave I am not going to go because I do not want to be in debt. God’s plan was greater than mine still…

    That night before I was about to leave on my trip a pastor and his wife that I had when I was younger called me. They had already given me money for this trip and they told me that God was telling them to give me all the rest I needed! On the phone I started crying and they were as well. It was such and amazing experience to know that someone would give so much to make another person see God at work in another country. I still praise God and thank him for how he showed me someone who gave so much to help me.

    I want to challenge myself to do the same thing :) Because that is all that matters: God and others.
    Always remember that if God is calling you to do something, he WILL accomplish that in you. Many people’s lives were touched by that missions trip and only eternity will tell how much it meant for me to go on that trip. Praise God!

  • Melisa Pearson

    During a creative arts conference, we were asked to pair up with people we didn’t know or hadn’t talked to in order to prayer for one other. Our instructions were to take a few minutes to ask God what He’d like to communicate and then draw a picture to express that prayer or thought. When the person shared her drawing with me, it was a bee in the middle of a flower. She asked me if that meant anything and I said YES. My name in Greek means honey bee. I felt God’s love and confirmation that He really does know me!

  • Deborah Hart Belyeu

    The study of God’s Word was a balm to my heart and soul during the early part of this century, while caring for a dad with Alzheimer’s who had retreated into his own world except for brief moments. It can be so sad for a daughter who adores him. Add to that scenario a couple of family members who make constant accusations and offer no help, and you might see how I would feel trapped and alone, but for my Lord.
    At Christmas one harried year, I felt as though the entire world had run amok and that few people cared about anything any more. All it took was someone opening a door and holding it for me at the bustling Post Office for me to be brought to tears. “God is love,” and any act of kindness (even those performed by those who don’t know Jesus) comes from Him. I left singing His praises and feeling like CHRISTmas!

  • Tammy Sawyer

    Being homeless there is always someone telling me that the Lord is with me and my family and has a plan. He is always providing a place warm and safe to sleep through the night and food to eat. He loves and provides for our needs.Thank you Jesus!

  • Dennis Gray

    Nine years ago, I became disabled due to lung disease. Those first few months were terrible. I will never forget the very first month I was near tears trying to figure out how to get by until my disability started. As the first bills became due after the money ran out, a member of my church showed up with enough cash to pay that months bills. As the months went by others helped as well, both friends and folks I did not know. Churches both near and far. God was in control and we made it through. I give all the thanks to God for touching hearts that answered with help in my time of need.

  • Crazylady Ellis

    When my mother was sick and close to the end of her life. There was a couple from the Family Church of Lawrence who came and sat with her so her husband and I could have a little time out of the hospital. I didn’t attend this church or any church at the time but these people showed up Christ’s Love by giving us the care we needed at the time. I now attend this church and am very involved. Walking with Christ daily thanks to the Love and patience of God to put such a wonderful church family in my path. These two especially showed a love to strangers that can only come with Christ.

  • Michelle Hachey Clark

    Tonight as we were finishing supper, I received a phone call that my mom’s best friend (and my god-mother) had just passed away. I left the dessert with the kids and went to the washroom to try to stop the tears and compose myself before heading to small group. My eight year old son quietly came in and just wrapped his arms around me, letting me cry. My other son called my husband at work as he was worried about me too. I could feel the love of Jesus through my kids tonight as they simply offered comfort and I am grateful that they are becoming Christ-like passionate/compassionate servant leaders more and more each day. I thank Jesus for the peace He provides and the blessings – like the love shared tonight from my kids and small group.

  • Tish Woodall

    Me and my two daughters were stricken with a horrible stomach virus, I wont go into the details, but we were very sick…The next morning the thing we really needed was Sprite, it would help settle our stomachs,I was unable to get a hold of any one the next morning by phone,and I was still too sick and too weak to leave the house, so I decided to put a message on Facebook, I was that desperate. Out of all my friends, an ex-coworker was so concerned, she got permission from her boss, left work and brought us two bottles of Sprite on our front door step, she wouldn’t even take the money I had left for her,.. It may sound small to many and didn’t cost much, but it meant the world to us, and warms my heart every time I think about it.

  • Chad Eric Winfree

    God had been dealing with me about sin and salvation for a few months. Then we went to senior camp. There was a guy there all week that was saved and I was just drawn to him all week. I thought I was saved but there was something different about this guy. Finally, Friday night at a special service a leader picked me out of about 100 kids to take his guitar for him. While walking the path he asked if everything was ok. I said I didn’t know if I was saved. Got it settled right there. God put those people in my life to deal with me that week because of his love for me.

  • Ellen Moliskey Robison

    God shows me His love for me always in as much as I am alone and disabled and have been unable to work since 2007. He has been providing for my needs, such as food, just enough finances to pay my monthly bills to allow me to stay in my own home, and sends me the right people to help me get to and from doctor appts.
    Jesus has promised to never leave me nor forsake me. Joshua 1:5
    So many times I have cried out to Him for help in the last moments and He has answered my prayers. Once I had an electric shut off that was due in less than a day, and I was praying for the finances to come through with a friend on the phone, and another call came through at that very moment and it was from a charity that I had called earlier and had left a message with about my situation. The lady said she could pay my bill. God answered my prayer immediately the evening before the shut off was due.
    God’s love for me is a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.
    Psalm 116:1-2
    I love the Lord, for he heard my voice;
    he heard my cry for mercy.
    Because he turned his ear to me,
    I will call on him as long as I live.

  • Terri Springer

    God sends me angels in disguise all the time; little kids who deliver frog pictures and stickers that to them are just cute expressions of love that to me stand for “Forever Rely On God”… co-workers that verify I’ve said or done something “just when they really needed the encouragement”… my husband that loved me through breast cancer and loves me even more afterward. I can’t pick just one…

  • Rosemary

    Not just one but two different friends sent my husband and I money when we were completely broke, Jesus always knows just when we need it!

  • Jeff Farnham

    I had set up a fundraising page to help others in need and didn’t really advertise it among my family and friends. A few days later I got an email that someone had donated to my fundraiser. When I checked, an anonymous donor had given the entire amount that I was trying to raise! I was so thankful for this unknown person to give such a large amount.

  • Valerie Dowell

    My husband died suddenly just over a year ago. My mom comes over and folds my laundry and does my dishes still. :)

  • Stopa Thomas

    This is a great pack. It can be shared with many people. Blessings!

  • Dolly Navina Lakra

    I Lost My Father In The Summer Of 2009.. Me & My Family Were Devastated With Such A sudden Loss Of Our Beloved Papa. But Jesus Uplifted Our Hearts & Souls Miraculously & Most Mercifully.
    Mother Nature Is A Church To Me . Its A Way To Connect To Our Almighty God !The Faith & Peace Jesus Fills Me Up With, is Just So Priceless. Now The PAIN Of Losing A Father Has Subsided (Which I Never Thought It Would ).. & Now Only The Beautiful Memories Of My Papa Lingers… ONLY Because Of Our HEAVENLY FATHER CARED for Our Broken Souls ! Jesus Heals… Truly ! Glory To Jesus In The Highest Of Heavens !

  • Anthony Wayne Hill

    It took a judge to sentence me to 12 yrs for me to open my eyes that I was out of control ! Started 7yrs old using substances and all the way to 36 yrs old and I took a big look at myself that it was me that needed to make a change and I needed a savior and it was in Him that I needed His power to be a man that could stop all of my flesh desire with His help ! I really have a passion to speak to people wherever I go to tell them that if God can change me He can come and bring His Love and hold you and set you free and save you and He could give you a new life and eternity in Heaven with Him when I draw my last breathe ! God bless you all ! Now I have been on fire for 13 yrs and God is so good to me !