4 Ways To Use My Hope America Outside the Home

While the home is a very effective place to build relationships and share Jesus through My Hope America with Billy Graham, we have been hearing stories of other ways to use these programs.

One My Hope America leader shares Defining Moments with people he meets on the golf course by streaming it from the website on his smartphone.

We’ve heard several stories of neighbors joining forces to host block parties with the My Hope America programs.

Another pastor was able to show Defining Moments during the half-time of a public high school football game resulting in several youth make decisions for Christ.

Here are four  ways to use My Hope America outside the home:

1. Youth Group—Plan a gathering (if you’re brave, a lock-in) for youth and encourage everyone to bring their unbelieving friends. Show a My Hope America program. Follow the program with one or two young people sharing their brief testimonies. Then provide a clear invitation with a prayer to receive Christ.

2. Small Group Ministry—If you are part of a small group ministry through your church, the ministry leaders can study the My Hope America materials, train group leaders, and encourage each group begin to praying for and reaching out to friends, family and neighbors.

3. Community Outreach—Plan for a My Hope America gathering in a local venue or community center. Several families can work together and invite friends, family and neighbors for an event to the effect of a “block party.”

4. One on One TimeMy Hope America fits very well into informal, personal settings like coffee shops, parks, play dates, golf outings and restaurant visits. Thanks to the convenience of technology, the My Hope America programs can be streamed from our website on a smartphone while relaxing and visiting together.


Pray and ask God to show you what the best ways to use My Hope America with Billy Graham. Others can benefit from your creative inspiration so please be sure to share your stories with us.