10 Ways to Meet the Neighbors (part 2)

Step one in being a Matthew in My Hope with Billy Graham is to Look Around and identify your friends, family, and yes, neighbors, who don’t place their Hope in Jesus Christ. Write down their names, and start to pray for them.

Brad Brisco, from the Missional Church Network website, wrote an excellent article listing 10 simple ways you can get intentionally “rub shoulders” with those that live around you. Last week, we looked at two key suggestions, here are three more.

  1. Organize a Garage Sale.
    Have a garage sale at your house and ask your neighbors if they have anything they would like to sell. We found in many cases neighbors not only brought over items to sell, but they would spend time “working” the sale and creating the opportunity to begin some brand new relationships and deepen existing ones.
  2. Invite People for Dessert.
    One of the best ways to get to know your neighbors is to have them over for dinner. However, we have found that inviting people over for dessert is less work and many times less threatening from their perspective. Dessert is less formal and requires a much smaller time commitment.
  3. Have a Cookout.
    Everybody loves to eat, and few people will turn down the chance to cookout on the grill and sample others people’s favorite dishes. Some of the best-attended get-togethers that we have hosted have been backyard (or front yard) cookouts. On one occasion we had the chance to have one of the local TV stations do their weather from our backyard. We used the opportunity to have a neighborhood cookout and everyone came to meet the weatherman and to be on TV.
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